This type of nail enhancement is dramatically strong and applied in two methods, traditionally with a brush or quick-dip. We offer both techniques depending on your preference. Clear Acrylics can be finished with a coloured varnish of your choice.
Acylic Manicure
with French Finish.
Single Nail
with Rebalance.
Acrylic is applied over natural nails without adding length. Includes file and shape, cuticle removal and finishing with application of hand cream and vitamin dose.
Acrylic Natural Tips
with French Finish
Single Tip
with Rebalance
Natural nails are extended to the desired length with tips, these can be applied to very short nails.
Acrylic French Curvation Tips
White tips applied to the natural nail for an instant French finish. Cannot be applied to very short nails.
Acrylic RebalanceFrom
After 3/4 weeks you will need to return for "maintenance". The re-growth from the cuticle is rebalanced with new product. Fresh application of nails or tips are charged additionally.
Acrylic Removal to reapply
Acrylics are removed with acetone before the reapplication of your chosen nail enhancement. Treatments taking longer than 30mins to remove will be charged additionally.
Minx Application on Fingers
On Toes
Extend fashion to your fingertips and toes. This long lasting solid coating comes in foil and sparkly metallic designs. Never chips and requires no drying time.

A vast selection of Gems, Decals, Glitters, Stamps Nail Art and 3D designs are available and priced on request.