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Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peel
This resurfacing treatment targets the signs of ageing and dull, tired, uneven skin tones. Three layers of dead skin is nibbled away, revealing extraordinary results. Delivering powerful exfoliation and renewal for smoother, younger skin, whilst a steam and extraction cleansers at a deeper level. A new start for new skin that has never looked better.
Pro-Collagen Age Defy Facial
This is the treatment to tackle fines and wrinkles. The proven benefits of ingredients help plump out fine lines, reduces skin-fatigue, helping relax the wrinkles. Lymphatic drainage massage re-energises and rejuvenates while an age-defying peel off mask visibly improves firmness and elasticity for beautifully nourished, younger looking skin. 
Pro-Definition Lift and Contour Facial
Breakthrough technology targeting sagging jowls, cheeks and jawlines. The structure of the skin is boosted through a unique deep, muscle toning massage from the scalp to the decollete. The skin appears plumper and revitalised, creating a profoundly sculpted youthful effect. 
Pro-Collagen Lifting Eye Treatment
Restores collagen levels to the eyes removing circles and puffiness. Leaving the eyes feeling refreshed and firmer and reducing the number of wrinkles.