Hair Removal


Eyebrow Wax




Eyebrow Threading


Lip or Chin Wax



Lip & Chin Wax



Lip or Chin Threading



Lip & Chin Threading


Face Wax

Eyebrow, lip, chin and side of face waxed.



Ears or Nose Wax


Sideburns Waxing


Nape of Neck Wax



Underarm Wax


Forearm Wax


Buttocks Waxing



Full Arm Wax


Small Of The Back


Half Leg wax


with Bikini wax


with Brazilian


With Hollywood wax


Full Leg Wax


with Bikini wax


with Brazilian


With Hollywood wax



A quick and easy tidy up. Removes hair outside of the normal underwear line.


bikini wax.jpg


Get totally groomed. Removes hair from the front and back leaving a strip at the front.



No mess, no fuss, the full shebang! Everything off.


Hollywood Sparkle

All off and add some sparkle with your chosen gems applied.


Please do not use sun beds 24hrs before your waxing appointment we recommend gently exfoliating the area on the day of the treatment. In the interest of hygiene with all intimate waxing’s please shower beforehand.